Consulting and advising

The diagnostic and evaluation to support one's property and real estate management in order to render them lucrative.

Pathological and building conservation studies as well as maintenance plans with the purpose of reducing real estate costs and turning an unexpected expense into a controlled cost, resulting in a lower global cost.


Projects' conception and elaboration

The coordination and management of multidisciplinary teams composed by Architects, Engineers from the diverse specialties and other specialists in order for the projects to be consistent, with no omissions nor errors, so that the project can be executed with the deadlines and costs predicted by the Client.


Projects' management

The schedule and organization of the whole construction operation and physical execution of the investment.

Opportune planning of financial compromises, control of costs and execution deadlines.


Assistance and maintenance

The building as a living organism that needs maintenance in order to increase its durability and decrease reparation or alteration costs.

The management of its content in order to allow its alteration at the lowest cost possible.